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Complete Guide to Attitude Representation and Transformations for Engineers and Programmers

What you'll Learn

  • How to represent attitude using DCMs, Euler Angles and Quaternions How to convert between the representations
  • Know what the conventions and standards are and what they mean
  • How to calculate transforms between different reference frames
  • How to program a complete C++ Attitude Math Library
  • How to convert between the representations
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the representations
  • How to use Python to analyse attitude related problems


You need to learn know Attitude Representations and Transformations!

Engineers, Game Developers, 3D Graphics Programmers all require fundamental knowledge of attitude representations and transformations.

These concepts are used extensively in engineering, simulation, games, computer graphics, and so on.

Why focus on Attitude

  • Different attitude representations have different limitations, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Different standards and conventions which can be confusing and are commonly misunderstood.

  • Difficult for beginners to comprehend rotation transformations

  • Fundamental concept used in engineering and programming (from autopilot control systems to computer games)

So you don’t waste time trying to solve or debug problems that would be easily avoided with this knowledge! Become a Subject Matter Expert!

Who is this course for:

  • University students or independent learners.

  • Aerospace Engineers. This is their bread and butter!

  • Engineering professionals who wants to brush up on the math theory and skills related to simulation and analysis.

  • Programmers who wish to understand the basic concepts behind attitude representations and transformations and how to use them from scratch or in existing products (i.e. Unity or other 3D engines).

  • Anyone already proficient with math “in theory” and want to learn how to implement the theory in code.

So what are you waiting for??

Watch the course instruction video and free samples so that you can get an idea of what the course is like. If you think this course will help you then sign up, money back guarantee if this course is not right for you.

I hope to see you soon in the course!


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